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Our Capabilities

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Leverage Our Capabilities to Meet Your Goals

Griffith Foods Europe brings together the right experts to help our partners win in the marketplace. We strive to offer our customers new ideas, technologies and solutions, enabling them to stay ahead of ever-evolving needs of the market and consumers. Our collaborative processes integrate in-depth industry and market insight, culinary artistry and technical expertise to understand and solve your business challenges. We'll partner with you from ideation to production to create products consumers love.

Product Development

Mastering Ingredient Combinations for Product Success

At Griffith Foods, we are product development experts who understand ingredients at a fundamental level. Our team includes diverse experts – food scientists, culinary experts, process engineers and others – who partner with our customers throughout the development process to create winning products and help them:

Predict Outcomes:
Through our sophisticated, proven methods of experimental design and testing.

Achieve Real-World Performance:
Through our global network of pilot plants that simulate a variety of production environments.

Troubleshoot Problems:
By working with you in your production facility to eliminate challenging issues.

Stay Compliant:
Helping you meet the regulatory, labeling and compliance nuances of local, regional and global markets.

Market Insight

Offering Deeper Market Insights that Drive Innovative Development

Our food industry expertise includes the ability to access primary and secondary research tools to help gain a deeper understanding of your consumers and markets. Our partners leverage our insight to strengthen their creative and development processes and view current and emerging trends from different perspectives. Our resources help you:

Get Closer to the Consumer:
Through tools such as our proprietary Consumer Quiz™, focus groups, consumer immersions and secondary market research.

Stay Current:
Analyzing new product launches, menu trends, economic indicators and consumer behavior, we employ comprehensive research methods to survey local, regional and global markets.

Share Knowledge and Concepts:
We conduct collaborative creative strategy sessions to share insights and explore new product possibilities.

Culinary Insight

Leveraging Culinary Creativity to Give Your Products the Advantage

Well versed in classic cuisines as well as today’s emerging global flavors and trends, our chefs work with customers and development teams daily to provide consultation and ensure the ultimate element of acceptance: great taste. To support our culinary efforts, a network of culinary centers around the globe has been established, staffed by artful chefs using real-world foodservice equipment to prepare and take foods in fresh new directions. Leverage our resources to:

Achieve "Gold Standard" Innovation:
Generate breakthrough food concepts with inspired features.

Add Excitement to the Consumer Experience:
Add new flavors or other attributes to existing profiles to excite consumers and boost sales.

Balance design with performance:
Achieve goals for presentation, texture and taste while ensuring the product meets fundamental performance and production demands.

Sensory Science

Understanding the Intricacies of Human Interaction with Food

Gain a more in-depth understanding of every aspect of your consumers’ sensory experience. Our highly trained professional sensory scientists employ state-of-the-art techniques to guide you by understanding and measuring the complex relationship of human interaction with food.

Our capabilities range from descriptive analysis and focus guidance tests, to consumer evaluations. These allow for better understanding of food while providing sound direction to meet product development goals and support business opportunities. Our experts can help you:

Improve Visual Appeal:
By monitoring vital visual clues.

Enhance Aroma:
By quantifying aromatic perception.

Refine the Taste Experience:
By utilizing taste receptors and using the projective mapping adjust flavors and textures.

Evaluate satisfaction:
By measuring the consumer's emotional response to your product.

Tailor to Market Demands:
By customizing testing methods to the unique requirements of targeted markets.​​

Food Safety/QA

Employing Strict Safety & Quality Programs to Protect Your Brand

Our customers have confidence that the products manufactured by Griffith Foods are protected by food safety and quality assurance standards, from development through delivery. Rigorous policies and procedures are in place to ensure consistent, reliable manufacturing and delivery of safe and healthy food products. Through our internal Global Quality Council, we enable sharing of best practices across our business units, which allows for a continuous optimization of our safety commitment. Working with Griffith, you can:

Maintain World-Class Quality:
Throughout our manufacturing facilities, we are certified by BRC standards and other global certification organizations, giving you peace of mind as you expand into new markets.

Monitor Your Entire Supply Chain:
We challenge our suppliers to maintain comprehensive quality programs, including effective documentation and audit information covering their manufacturing facilities. This allows us to take extra care that your supply chain is safe and secure.

Protect Your Brand:
We help deliver a high-quality taste and performance consumer experience that helps maintain your reputation. 

Applied Research

Scientific Specialists Answering Tomorrow's Needs Today

Applied Research is a cross-functional commitment at Griffith. Led by inventive flavor and food scientists, chemists, sensory experts, marketers and chefs, these innovators devote their efforts to identifying the trends of tomorrow, meticulously researching ingredients and developing technologies that create a vast array of differentiating opportunities for our partners.

By tapping into the creativity and insights of this team, we can help key customers:

Challenge Conventional Thinking:
Solving current challenges by applying unconventional thinking and applications.

Focus on Tomorrow's Needs:
We strive to create advanced solutions through well-grounded research to pinpoint consumer needs, business demands and opportunities of the market in coming years.

Explore New Possibilities:
What are the demands for taste, appearance and performance of food years from now? This team is focused on ideas, processes and technologies to answer those questions.
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"Whether it's better taste, health or performance, the quality of food we create is always reaching new heights."

Dean L. Griffith
Chairman Emeritus