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Never Fry

Never Fry


Never Fry, Oven Only

Never Fry is a coating system, which is not fried during the production process, and has an oven end preparation at home or in a food service setting. This new and innovative coating system is healthier alternative for traditional coating systems, without compromising on taste, texture and appearance in comparison to a traditional coated product.

Discover Consumer Benefits
Discover Processor Benefits

What's in it for the consumer?

Forty-nine percent (49%) of European* consumers rely heavily on time-saving products. Especially ‘easy to prepare’ is an important feature. Coated poultry products deliver a familiar and convenient solution for time-scarce consumers. However convenience alone is not enough! On average, 46% of European* consumers prioritize healthy options when preparing and consuming dinner. Additional to this, consumers are more critical and aware of what goes into their food. Fat is considered to be one of the biggest food villains; 39% of European* consumers are concerned about being overweight and obese, with consumers actively trying to limit their fat intake. The Griffith Foods ‘Never Fry’ coating system offers the perfect solution for the time-scarce and health-conscious consumer.
Source: Griffith Foods consumer research. Average % based on answers from Italian, German, Spanish, UK, Dutch, French and Belgian consumers.

What’s it in for the processor?

Never Fry is a coating system consisting of 3-steps:
  1. Never Fry Batter
  2. Never Fry Breading
  3. Never Fry Glaze
This coating system can be run on a standard production line and has the great advantage that it doesn’t need to pass through the fryer. Cleaning the fryer is no longer necessary (which also adds to sustainability) and production is not limited due to fryer capacity.

Processor Benefits

  • No more fryer needed – oven only
  • Can be run on a standard line
  • No cleaning of a fryer
  • Sustainable advantage
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