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2019 Trend Watch

2019 Trend Watch
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No matter your role in the food industry, culinary trends can have a major impact on your business. Griffith Foods has identified key trends in six focus areas that represent exciting opportunities for growth and innovation. Watch our new video for a look at the six trends we expect to be on everyone's radar in 2019.

From aromatic seasoning blends to flavorful cooking sauces and functional coatings, Griffith Foods works with you to create customized ingredients that bring these trends to your menu and product offerings with ease.

Expertise: Consumer / Market Insight, Trends
Our Customers: Foodservice, Retailers, Processors
Ingredient Systems: Alternative Proteins, Seasonings, Product & Program Highlights, Sauces
Sustainability: Performance
Elyse is a Consumer Insights Analyst at Griffith Foods. She combines her love of food with energy, curiosity and a passion for market research to bring the latest food and consumer trends.
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