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Ancient Grains

Ancient Grains
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​Ancient Grains

Wholesome ancient grains and seeds—including quinoa, amaranth, farro, chia and millet—demonstrate versatility across menu and product development. These small but mighty superfoods serve as alternatives to wheat, providing nutty and earthy flavors, complex textures and nutritional benefits.

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Product Portfolio Inspiration 

​​​​​​Whether used as a coating system, packed into a snack, blended with proteins or served on their own, ancient grains deliver the authenticity and health halo that consumers desire. 

Click on the image below to see the full size rendition. 

Expertise: Consumer / Market Insight, Culinary Expertise, Product Development, Trends
Our Customers: Foodservice, Processors, Retailers
Ingredient Systems: Product & Program Highlights, Coatings, Dough, Blends, Textures
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Elyse is a Consumer Insights Analyst at Griffith Foods. She combines her love of food with energy, curiosity and a passion for market research to bring the latest food and consumer trends.
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