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Gochujang Goes With Everything

Gochujang Goes With Everything
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Gochujang Goes With Everything

​Gochujang is a staple of Korean cuisine-a bright red paste made from fermented soybeans, chili powder and glutinous rice powder. Traditionally used to season roasted meats, seafood and stews, gochujang has taken on the role of "Korean ketchup" on American menus-pairing with fries, burgers, meatballs and more. Gochujang's versatility and spicy-sweet flavor adds to its universal appeal!


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Bringing the Gochujang Trend to your Product Portfolio

Gochujang has all the flavors consumers are looking for including sweet, salty, and savory notes. The key to integrating this flavor profile into the retail and foodservice areas is to showcase its versatility across all menu and meal parts.  


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Culinary Inspiration

​The Gochujang trend can be integrated into almost any product category and all meal occasions. Whether it's snack seasoning, a protein marinade or a dipping sauce, Griffith Foods can help bring this trend to your product portfolio or menu offerings. Below are some ideas from our Culinary team!


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Elyse is a Consumer Insights Analyst at Griffith Foods. She combines her love of food with energy, curiosity and a passion for market research to bring the latest food and consumer trends.
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