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It's Getting Hot in Here

It's Getting Hot in Here
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​​​Spicy food and calling out specific pepper heat sources is a hot trend in the food world right now, pun intended. This past November, the Griffith Foods Consumer Insights Team decided to dive into the world of peppers and explore people’s preferences by creating a national, online survey. The 635 respondents, all 18 or older, answered questions regarding awareness and purchase intent of 25 peppers, as well as their preferred heat level in food. Our favorite finding from this study – consumers are interested in purchasing lesser known peppers that they are not necessarily aware of! In terms of flavor innovation in products and dishes, this means that consumers are adventurous and interested in expanding their spicy horizons. See below for a fun info-graphic summarizing our findings.

Expertise: Consumer / Market Insight, Culinary Expertise, Product Development
Our Customers: Foodservice, Retailers
Ingredient Systems: Blends, Sauces, Seasonings, Coatings
Shea started with Griffith Foods in the Summer of 2015 as a marketing intern. She's now working with the marketing team as a Consumer Insights Analyst to provide our partners with up-to-date information on the newest and upcoming trends.
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