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Creating Better Products

At Griffith Foods, we work with you to create solutions that are as unique as your opportunities and challenges. We closely collaborate with our partners from the beginning of the product lifecycle, providing consumer insights, creating innovative culinary concepts, applying our product development expertise, ensuring quality through sensory testing, and delivering through final production of your products. Everything we do is tailored to our customer’s needs – whether the goal is to differentiate through distinct flavors, textures or appearance, achieve cost savings without altering critical attributes, increase your healthful offerings, or gain functional advantages such as shelf life and yield.


​​Griffith's robust blends of herbs, spices, and functional ingredients are designed to enhance flavor, functionality, appearance, and aromatics. Our products are completely customized and we will create traditional or ethnic profiles to meet your specific criteria.

We offer rubs, marinades, glazes, internal seasonings and much more for use in proteins such as red meat, poultry and seafood. Griffith also offers topical or internal snack and side dish seasonings for use with any base, from chips and crackers to pasta and salads.

Textures & Coatings

We focus on producing texture and coatings with the unique visual, textural and functional properties necessary to make your products stand out. Griffith's blends are formulated for red meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable and side dish applications, in addition to inclusions and toppings such as salad croutons, breadcrumbs and more.

Work with us and find out how our cereal- or flour-based coatings can be customized with added flavors, spices, herbs and functional ingredients that deliver distinct advantages in appearance, mouth-feel, and shelf life.


​​Griffith is focused on delivering great flavors to you and your consumers, including gravies, cooking sauces, salsas and more. We formulate exciting blends of flavors, spices, herbs and functional ingredients that are available in liquid, dry and concentrate. Our diverse selection of sauces, gravies, salsas, condiments, dressings, fruit sauces, cooking sauces, sweet toppings and soups bring the enticing and exciting flavors that today's consumers demand.

Bakery & Dough

​​​Griffith specializes in creating bakery and dough systems that improve texture, performance and flavor. Our flour and yeast-based systems are designed with additives that optimize taste, texture and performance. These systems are formulated especially to reduce preparation complexity, achieve consistency, and bring standout taste and functionality to pizza dough, pancake mixes, biscuit mixes and more.

Functional Blends

Griffith's functional blend systems maximize yield, color, taste and shelf life. Our high-performance ingredient blends are developed to optimize specific properties such as flavor, color, yield, binding capabilities, pH management for preservation, and more to elevate your brand. Functional blend systems are formulated especially for red meat, poultry and seafood.​​

Food Safety Solutions

At Griffith, our passion is driven by protecting your consumers and your brands. Throughout our history, we have focused on creating unique additive blends designed to manage microbial growth and maximize your products' safety. Our Food Safety Solutions are formulated especially to provide defense against Listeria and other dangerous conditions during shipping and storage - in meat, poultry and other products.​​