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Supplier Sustainability Program

Supplier Sustainability Program

Griffith Foods Reaches 80% of Purchases from Sustainble Suppliers

We are excited to announce that 80% of our raw material purchases come from suppliers considered Silver, Gold or Platinum level partners in Griffith Foods' Supplier Sustainability Program!

We work closely with suppliers to source safe, sustainable ingredients for our recipes. Griffith Foods’ purchasing team created a supplier evaluation to help us understand which suppliers are committed to issues surrounding People and Planet, two core elements of our Sustainability Platform. The evaluation reviews the supplier’s policies and practices to areas such as labor, discrimination, safety, water, energy, sourcing and more.

Committed to continuous improvement and Creating Better Together™, our purchasing team works with suppliers interested in improving their sustainability tier within the program. Through this partnership, we are taking another step in our sustainability journey, as we strive to live our Purpose.