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Striving for Better

Griffith Foods Sustainability Platform is founded on People, Planet and Performance.

Our culture is built on supporting our employees, their families and associations that are committed to serving individuals living in our surrounding communities. As a food company, we feel a special obligation to alleviate hunger and improve nutrition; we encourage our employees and business partners to be engaged citizens.


With locations in four continents, we understand the importance of acting as good stewards to our shared planet. Griffith is reinforcing our commitment to that promise through responsible administration of the Earth’s resources. Today, focus is being placed on energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable sourcing. Tomorrow will bring new learnings and opportunities with an ongoing concentration on our world.


Griffith Foods' continued success is directly related to the advancement of our customers and a strategic approach to business management. We are dedicated to ethically and responsibly growing our customers' brands while maintaining our food safety excellence.
For more information on Griffith's Sustainability Platform and activities, read Better Ways Forward, our most recent Sustainability Status report.
For more information on Griffith's Sustainability Platform and activities, read Striving for Better​​​​​​​​​, our 2015 Sustainability report.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

The companies of the Griffith Foods Group are committed to conducting their business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In the Griffith Foods Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, we describe the responsibilities of the Company and its employees with respect to these standards, laws and regulations. 

Human Rights Policy

This purpose is built upon our value of caring for our people and we are committed to upholding and protecting human rights everywhere as our people – our employees, suppliers and partners – are our most valued asset.

Global Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Griffith Foods is committed to providing safe food in a safe way. The health and safety of our people, alongside the safety and quality of our products, are our highest priorities. This policy sets out our approach to ensuring the health and safety of everyone who does work for us, and those who visit us.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Griffith Foods aims to work with suppliers that are committed to values that are compatible with our own. Our Supplier Code of Conduct establishes expectations of our suppliers with regard to human rights, environment, ethical practices and compliance with legal requirements as well as the Griffith Foods Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Human Rights Policy and other relevant policies.