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Our Values

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Our Values

Griffith's Values are born from our Purpose and are at the heart of everything we do.
Act Like Family
We are proud to be a family company that makes a positive impact on people. We want each individual in our family to grow personally and professionally, reaching their greatest potential.
Behave Like Owners
We think and behave with the passion of an owner. We invest wisely, take smart risks and always maintain the highest ethical and moral standards.
Build Customer Success
Recognizing that our success depends on our customers' success, we work to create value, generating growth and prosperity for our customers.
Deliver Results
We take responsibility for meeting commitments, executing with excellence, measuring results and rewarding success.
Make the Future Better
Thriving on imagination and innovation, we foster an optimistic spirit that encourages risk-taking and the persistence to realize our dreams. We always believe the future can be even better. 
Work Together Globally
We act as one across national and organizational boundaries. We celebrate our cultural and personal differences, knowing that together, we create a unique source of strength.